hi, I'm satya;
creative developer
& data driven marketer.

Pixels & Performance
in the Digital Realm

Blending technical prowess with data-centric insights, I stand at the crossroads of Front-End Development and Marketing. With 7 years in web development and a deep understanding of SEO and PPC, I've honed my skills in refining code and interfaces through rigorous A/B testing. My ultimate goal? To supercharge conversion rates and craft state-of-the-art digital experiences that captivate and convert.

Technical Skills
JavaScript | React | CSS | HTML

Other Front-End proficiencies include Sass / SCSS / Less, Wordpress, Shopify Liquid, Figma, GitHub, etc.

Google Ads | Analytics | GTM

Other Marketing tools I am highly skilled at include SEO, Google Data Studio, Google Optimize, Facebook Ads, SalesForce, etc.

MongoDB | Node | Express

Other back end skills include SQL, Version Control / Git, JSON, REST APIs, etc.